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Kit Homes in Canberra ACT

Over the years Kit Homes Canberra has supplied hundreds of kit homes for all kinds of purposes.Our kit homes are modified to suit the individual needs of the customers and the designs can be adapted to suit the demands of your building site. Building a kit home is one of the cheapest ways to build your dream home. Canberra kit homes only sell quality kit homes designed for easy assembly and cost effective to suit the owner builder

Choose your new home from the extensive range Kit Homes. All of our kit home designs can be adapted to suit the demands of your building site and your individual requirements. Every Kit Home comes with a complete set of plans, working drawings and detailed layouts.

We can deliver the materials for your kit home anywhere in Canberra for the owner-builder or the professional builder to construct. We can, depending upon the location, arrange for your home to be constructed by a professional builder to either lock-up, or completion. However the more you do yourself the more money you can save.

If you are after Kit Homes, call in to discuss your needs and view our displays in Canberra.

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